May 24, 2020
button Our theme for MAY is THE JOY OF THE LORD! Bible Study as well as morning worship topics will help us learn more about what the Bible says about our theme!
button Please remember that we are STREAMING BOTH BIBLE STUDY AND MORNING WORSHIP. Join us on our conference call (351-888-7062) or on Facebook Live.
button The 2020 CENSUS will determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding every year, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade. The results will also inform how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are allocated to more than 100 programs, including Medicaid, Head Start, block grants for community mental health services, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP. Please complete your Census forms either on line or using the paper copy sent in mail. If you do not respond, May 27 – August 14 Census takers will come to your homes to interview you to help make sure everyone is counted. Let’s make sure we are counted!
button Tomorrow as you enjoy MEMORIAL DAY with your family and friends, please take a minute to remember and honor the men and women who died while serving in the military. Praise God for their valor and sacrifice!
button Thursday, May 28th , we will have a distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables at the church beginning at 12:00 p.m. until it is gone. You will receive another email during the week with updates as we receive them. This food is made possible by the USDA and Spring Hill Baptist Church, Pastor Craig Ogletree is pastor.
button All Bethelites are encouraged to sow a $31.00 sacrificial FACILITY UPKEEP SEED during our regular period of giving next Sunday.
button June 7th SHEPHERD’S SUNDAY! All Bethelites are encouraged to consistently sow into the life of our Pastor as he consistently speaks deliverance, direction, and destiny into our lives. THE NURSE’S AND SECURITY MINISTRIES WILL BLESS THE 1ST FAMILY.
button June 7th is also designated as FIRST FRUIT SUNDAY. All Bethelites are encouraged to sow a First Fruit Seed. It can be one day, one week, or one month’s salary. Your First Fruit seeds will insure that God’s Hand will be on your finances!
button Youth and graduates please submit a photo along with ACADEMIC AWARDS/ RECOGNITIONS FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR. If you have maintained all A’s and/or A-B Honor Roll, please submit your information. If you graduated from school, college, or vocational college, please submit your verification as well. All documentation is due by SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2020. You must submit documents via email to or
button When replacing flowers and cleaning graves in the CHURCH CEMETERY, please take a trash bag to remove the old flowers and debris. The trash cans are no longer in the cemetery. Each person is responsible for the removal of his/her trash.
button In the midst of TAX REFUND SEASON/ STIMULUS RELIEF CHECKS, let us remember to HONOR GOD with the tithe. When we tithe, it triggers even greater blessings and favor on our lives.
button If you have changed your personal information (telephone number, address, e-mail, etc.), please remember to update your information by completing a DISCIPLE UPDATE FORM and submitting it to the church office. Forms can be found in the media area.
button Just a reminder that our NURSERY is open during morning worship. If you have a child Pre-K and below, you are invited to leave your child in the Nursery. For additional information, please contact Sis. Marge Grady.
button You are invited to connect with Bethel Baptist Church! After connecting, attend NEW DISCIPLE ORIENTATION sessions and learn about the Assurance of Salvation, How to Grow as a Christian, Praise and Worship, Stewardship and Giving, Church Ordinances, and Ministries of Bethel. Become an official member of Bethel as you discover your spiritual gifts! Please contact Sister Brenda Jackson or Sister Mary Jackson for more information.

Bethelites, please remember that if you miss church, you can still make your financial contributions. There are two ways to make your contribution. First, you can make your contributions safely through PAYPAL. Secondly, you can use the Givelify mobile giving App to make your donations. Additional copies of the directions on how to set up this account are in the media area. Both of these methods are safe and easy ways to give on-line and can be accessed from our website.

Sister Martha Andrews
Sister Josephine Davis
Sister Mary Harris
Sister Lucille Kendall
Sister Flossie Ogletree
Brother B. W. Pate
(If you know of other Bethelites who are sick and shut-in, please notify the church administrator.)