November 26, 2023
button Just a reminder that our BURN THE MORTGAGE PROJECT (BMP) was held in honor of our 137TH CHURCH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION. The goal of this project is to pay our mortgage off in 2 years or less. Bethelites have been asked to sow a sacrificial seed of either $500.00 or $1,000.00. Special envelopes are available for your seed. You can also give on GIVELIFY. The envelope has already been created to receive your seed there. If you have not sown your seed, please feel free to do so today during our regular period of giving.
button All Bethelites are encouraged to sow a $26.00 sacrificial FACILITY UPKEEP SEED during our period of giving today.
button Pastor Marable and the entire Bethel Baptist Church family WELCOMES TO THE BETHEL NATION our new members- Sister Shanquasha Hall, Brother Calum Hall and Brother James Spears.
button Remember that DECEMBER WILL BE A MONTH OF REST. Wednesday’s Word: Bible Study classes will resume in January 2024.
button Our THEME for the month of December will be GIFTS FROM GOD. Enter the month with excitement and anticipation as we learn more about what the Bible teaches us about GIFTS FROM GOD.
button Next Sunday, December 3, 2023 is SHEPHERD’S SUNDAY! All Bethelites are encouraged to consistently sow into the life of our Pastor as he consistently speaks deliverance, direction, and destiny into our lives. THE INTERCESSORY AND NEW DISCIPLE MINISTRIES will bless Pastor Marable.
button Next Sunday, December 3, 2023 is also FIRST FRUIT SUNDAY! Praise God! All Bethelites who have obtained a new job, opened a business, or received a raise are encouraged to sow a First Fruit Seed. Sow according to your faith and watch God provide every need. Remember that the principle of the First Fruit giving teaches us that what you do with the first determines what happens with the rest.
button 2023 BBC OPERATION HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS will bless our members this year. We will bless families with food baskets for Christmas. You can help by bringing nonperishable food items to the church. A box will be in the vestibule beginning next week to receive all donations. You can also make a monetary donation using our giving platforms for this effort. Christmas donations should be made by December 17th.
button Get Ready! Get Ready! BBC CHRISTMAS/PASTOR MARABLE’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION will be held on Friday, December 22, 2023 at the Pike-Lamar Service Facility (210 Chaffin Street, Barnesville, GA 30204) from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Tickets will be available next week and will cost $15.00 per person. Get ready for fun, food, and
button Bethelites, please remember that when you miss church or as we STREAM our worship celebrations, you can still make your financial contributions. There are three ways to make your contribution. First, you can use the GIVELIFY mobile giving App to make your donations. Secondly, you can mail them to Post Office Box 586, Barnesville, GA 30204. Lastly, you can bring it to church.
button You are invited to connect with Bethel Baptist Church! After connecting, attend NEW DISCIPLE ORIENTATION sessions and learn about the Assurance of Salvation, How to Grow as a Christian, Praise and Worship, Stewardship and Giving, Church Ordinances, and Ministries of Bethel. Become an official member of Bethel as you discover your spiritual gifts! Please contact Sister Brenda Jackson or Sister Mary Jackson for more information.
button If you have CHANGED YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (telephone number, name, address, e-mail, etc.), please send the update to our email at
button Our NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER is 470-526-9095.
Sister Tommie Mary Hardin
Deacon Rickey Fallings
The Ballard- Holt Family
Sister Nellie Lyons
Sister Annie Murphy
Brother Jerome Pate
Brother George Smith, Sr.
Sister Mary Pate-Smith
Sister Gloria Robinson
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